Why we are different


We noticed that kid's hair care products can be confusing, with many brands claiming to be natural and organic but in reality, they have been mixed with synthetic and petrochemicals. 

Natural Doesn't Always Mean Safe!
With many brands claiming that natural ingredients are just that, they can often contain impurities from the processing. We noticed that not only are these impurities harmful but they can also be irritants to many skin types.

Enter Locks In Goodness!
We wanted to create something that was free from impurities and products that are completely safe and natural.

What does 100% Natural Origin mean to us?
The term 'natural origin' means many things to various brands. For example, products that are natural can be placed through extensive processing but unfortunately, that means they may end up with many impurities.

To us - 100% natural origin means products and ingredients that have been minimally processed and still closely resemble the original plant. We have only used ingredients approved by the British Soil Association to ensure that we aren't including any nasties or impurities.

What's more, we believe that we should be accountable for every natural ingredient used in our products and that parents and kids should know exactly what goes into their hair care.

Click ingredients to find out what we have used in our products.

Natural head lice repellent 
As our products are infused with peppermint, they are great for helping to prevent those unwanted nits and lice.

How About Protecting The Environment?
Our product packaging is safe for the environment, too. We've thought of everything at Locks In Goodness and have carefully selected tubes that are made from sugar cane - 100% recyclable, sustainable and made from renewable raw materials. We post our products in paper padded envelopes made from recycled paper. Our flyers are printed on recycled paper and even our stickers are either biodegradable or made from recycled paper . We're doing our part to ensure that there is less oil-based plastic on the planet and that we’re using natural resources to continue to save our planet in the future.