How to Naturally Help Prevent Lice and Nits


As children across the UK return to school and nursery, so do the routines we’re familiar with. For many households, this is a welcome change. However, the return to school also means the potential return of unwelcome headlice.

Nits and lice are one of the most common nuisances that affect young children under the age of 12.

Having and dealing with headlice is unpleasant for everyone involved and finding the right treatment can be challenging and time-consuming.

Many of the leading headlice lotions and sprays are full of chemicals and unnatural nasties, meaning parents who prefer natural haircare will likely find it nearly impossible to find a product that meets their needs.

As a natural hair care enthusiast and winners of The Green Parent Natural Beauty Award 2020, Locks in Goodness want to share their advice on keeping your young ones comfortable, confident and lice-free.

Keep Long Hair Tied Back

Locks in Goodness take every care in providing sustainable, essential hair care products for children and with our stylish Satin Hair Scrunchies, you can keep long locks out of the way. Head lice are mainly spread through head-to-head contact, which is hard to avoid at school, nursery or during playtime. Discouraging close contact and keeping hair tied back is an effective way to manage the risk of spreading and catching lice.

Our satin hair ties are durable to use and gentle on the hair, allowing your little one to keep playing without the worry, whilst also preventing split ends and pulling on the hair.























Prevention is better than cure

Although you can’t stop children from playing closely with one another, you can increase your odds of avoiding these critters by using products that help repel lice like those containing essential oils.

Locks in Goodness Natural Hair Smoothie and Hair Gel contain a unique blend of essential oils like tea tree oil, eucalyptus, rosemary and clove oil  (as well as many more) that help repel those creepy-crawlies as well as keeping locks healthy, smooth and styled.

Locks Locked in Goodness

Our Hair Smoothie and Hair Gel are organic, vegan, eco-friendly, and have been formulated with only 100% plant-based ingredients. They contain absolutely NO parabens, petrochemicals, synthetics, sulphates, silicones, talcs, SLS, parfum or any nasties. Each ingredient used has been minimally processed (through only green methods) and approved by the British Soil Association/ECOCERT. Both products have been expertly blended to lovingly care for all hair types, every day of the week.

Make the return to school a stress-free time and start the new term with products that truly care for hair. Discover frizz-free, super-smelling, healthy hair or learn more about our incredible ingredients and sustainable packaging 


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