No more tangles - how to detangle your kids’ unruly locks


There is nothing worse than trying to detangle your kids’ matted, unruly hair! It can be impossible to get a brush through it and then there is the screaming that goes with it (not just from the kids!). The whole process can be a real disaster and traumatic for everyone.


From jumping on the trampoline to swimming and simply playing and sleeping, all types of hair have every opportunity to tangle up into a matted bird's nest!


Here is a quick guide to keep the whole brushing experience as stress-free and painless as possible:

Step 1 – Use the right hairbrush!

Make sure you have a good comb/brush. Try a wide-toothed comb – this is great as it puts less strain on the hair with less friction and prevents frizz and damage. If you find that this does not work for you, try a detangling wet or paddle brush (great for straight, long hair).

Step 2 – wet and shampoo hair

Try and use a natural pH balanced shampoo with no sulphates as these can create even more tangles (You could try our mild 100% natural, moisturising, pH balanced, sulphate-free shampoo.)

Use your fingertips to massage the shampoo into the scalp and roots in circular motions. Do not rub into the rest of the hair as this could make it even more tangles.

Step 3 – conditioner time

Once you have washed out the shampoo, apply conditioner to the ends as well as concentrating on the extra knotty parts. Rub into the knots and gently pull them apart with your fingers. You can try our 100% natural silicone free conditioner infused with natural detangling properties including Myrica fruit wax, argan, avocado, coconut and jojoba oil.

Step 4 – brushing time!

This is how to use a detangling brush/comb to keep it as pain-free as possible.

Whilst the conditioner is still in the hair, take your wide-tooth comb/brush (as discussed above) and start combing from the bottom of the hair. As knots can start at any length, if you start at the top, the higher the chance the brush will get stuck on the way down.

Place the comb several centimetres from the end of the hair and brush downwards. Slowly move higher up the hair as the knots become untangled .

If you find the brushing is still a struggle, you can also apply some of our award-winning 100% natural, organic, vegan and eco-friendly Hair Smoothie (apply with the conditioner).

Do not worry about brushing out every single knot out at this stage.

Top tip for super knotty locks – apply the conditioner before shampooing the hair and then apply again after the shampoo (conditioner, shampoo then condition again)!! This works as you will be conditioning the hair first to make it softer so the knots will fall out more easily.

Step 5 – gently pat the hair dry

Once the conditioner is washed out of the hair, gently pat or wrap the hair in a microfibre towel or cotton t-shirt to remove any excess water. Avoid rubbing the hair with a regular towel as this can cause frizz and even more tangles.

Step 6 – The final brush!

After the excess water is removed, section the hair and apply a leave-in conditioner/detangler (You can try our 100% natural Hair Smoothie infused with argan, avocado, jojoba, coconut oil, shea butter, vanilla and peppermint as mentioned above). Start brushing again from the bottom until all the knots are out.

You did it!!


Now that all the knots have been removed, here are some helpful tips to keep their locks as knot free as possible:


  • Tie up or plait the hair before bedtime is an effective way to prevent knots forming at night


  • Sleep on satin or silk pillowcases – really! This is known to reduce frizz and tangles


  • Have regular trims to remove split ends. This can make a huge difference to the hair


  • Keep your kids’ hair tied back whilst eating to avoid getting food on the hair – think of the all the yoghurt, ice cream and sticky foods. These can cause havoc in their locks!


  • Brush your kids’ hair regularly – if your child has curly hair, instead of brushing dry hair, wet it down, apply some detangler and brush through (from the bottom up).


Good luck and I hope you enjoyed reading this guide. If you have any comments or any additional tips, I would love to hear them. Feel free to email me at


All the best,